OIS "Original Inner Sleeve": Original inner sleeve available

FOC "Fold Out Cover": Hinged Cover

woc "Write on Cover": the cover was scribbled on (e.g. a name etc.)

wol "Write on Label": The label has been scribbled (e.g. with a name or similar).

soc "Sticker on Cover": on the cover there is a sticker e.g. a pricetag

sobc "Sticker on Cover": on the backside of the cover there is a sticker e.g. a pricetag.

sol "Sticker on Label": on the label there is a sticker e.g a pricetag.

co "Cut Out": Cut in the cover edge (Cutout)

toc "Tear on Cover": Tear off on the front side of the cover

tobc "Tear on Back Cover": Tear off on the back of the cover