Shipping terms

Shipping terms







Inside Germany: 5,30 Eur "flatrate", up from 35 € purchase value we offer free delivery. If you're a money saver, you might as well pay only 4.70 Eur. But then we only deliver until the next Hermes Büdchen.

  • Delivered in record package by Hermes.
  • Insured up to 50€ goods value.
  • Max weight 25KG. 
  • Delivered inbetween 1-2 days

Internationally, we generally ship as Registered / Recommandé (Großbrief Deutsche Post) with DPD, DHL or Hermes, depending on the cheapest shipping option!

As Registered / Recommandé (Großbrief Deutsche Post):
European Union:
up to 500 gr: 7,00 EUR (1 record)
500-1000 gr: 10,00 Eur (2 to 3 records)
up to 15 records: 13 Euro (countries: Belgium Denmark, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Austria, Slovakia, Slovenia, Czech Republic, Poland)
or 16 Euro (countries: Estonia, France, Great Britain, Italy, Croatia, Latvia, Lithuania, Monaco, Portugal, Sweden, Spain, Bulgaria Finland) all other countries see below under "Worldwide".

up to 500 gr: 7,00 EUR (1 record)
500-1000 gr: 10,00 Eur (2 to 3 records)
1000 gr to 2000 gr: 20.00 Eur (3 to 6 recods)

Basically, we ship as cheap as possible. As far as the shipping costs are dependent on weight and partly on the size of the package, we cannot automatically determine them, especially for 2 to 6 recordings. We weigh and measure the finished shipment and you receive it always at the best possible price!

Singles: National: 5,30 EUR International 7,50 - 21,50 Eur (depending on weight and region)
(registered mail, insured)