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What are the shipping costs?

Within Germany we offer our great VEB flexible pricing rate! For details click here!

Advanced shipping information:

We ship exclusively in sturdy shipping cartons. Vinyls are always taken out of the LP cover. This avoids punctures of the cover by the vinyl inside. The record and cover are then placed separately in a sturdy transparent plastic sleeve, which is then placed in the shipping carton. Records that are purchased without using one of our convenient, highly transparent cleaning services will be shipped “as is”. So, as just described, safely and neatly packed, but possibly dusty and in the original inner sleeve. Depending on how we found them during purchase. We are not only deeply attached to music and its grooved sound carriers, but also to our environment. Our shipments are therefore in principle no coupons, advertising flyers or other Trallafitti. The invoice also comes online.

Speaking of the environment: the aforementioned sturdy clear plastic shipping outer sleeves are made of PE, or polyethylene, and are anything but environmentally friendly. The production wastes energy and generates CO2. PE Sleeves have a lifespan of roundabout 500 years. On the one hand, that’s good because you won’t have to worry about replacing them during your lifetime. On the other hand, it’s bad, because if you throw them away, they will remain in the environment for that long. And, very badly, they denature into micro-plastics there at some point. We can’t do without them yet for shipping reasons, because the PE sleeve reliably protects the cover in the box from damage. However, true to the motto: reduce-reuse-recycle, we ask you not to throw them away carelessly, but to keep the purchased – or any other beautiful – vinyl inside. We also recommend that you ensure that this information is passed on both conscientiously and sustainably, for example in your testamentary dispositions. We are currently testing bytheway paper or cardboard alternatives of shipping protection, but so far without resounding success.


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